179 Canal in Home and Orgin :: curated by Rodrigo Mallea Lira :: Bukowskis :: Sweden
September 8 -

The exhibition is based on the idea of the retrospective, the backward-looking but in a more abstract sense. It is about viewing, about time and about place more than showing art in a chronological order. The title of the exhibition is intended to reflect these artists' residence in the present, which other artists they relate to and the environment in which the art was created. Many of the artists were born in Sweden, it is their origin. Their artistry has however brought them to different places in the world, such as New York, where a new context, new homes and origins, has emerged.

Margaret Lee, New York-based artist and founder of 179 Canal, curating a section of the exhibition, has choosen to contribute a selection of artists including Emily Sundblad, Tova Carlin, Amy Lien, Michele Abeles and herself in collaboration.

Playing with traditional notions of "women's work", these collaborations and pairings go beyond typical ideas of the how, what and where; cutting across types of work and non-work and consider various convergences of authorship and habitation- a paradigm shift that sits right on the line of both home and work and is common
ground to the artists represented.

Curator: Rodrigo Mallea Lira


L-R: Amy Lien, Michele Abeles/Margaret Lee

L-R:  Amy Lien, Tova Carlin

Michele Abeles, Margaret Lee

L-R: Tova Carlin, Emily Sundblad/Margaret Lee

L-R: Emily Sundblad/Margaret Lee, Tova Carlin