Loving Shapes and Colors - BFFA3AE
January 17, 2010 - 6pm and 7pm - RSVP please



Among other things, the exhibition "Moving Shapes and Colors" is about
experiencing images through screen and networks. Short loops and
algorithms in the displayed works are reminders of the code behind
pictures, reversing the old idea of geometric abstraction as a window
to an invisible world. The show closes January 17 with "Loving Shapes and
Colors," an event conceived by the group BFFA3AE that gives the same
idea a different spin. A live recording of a performance is
chroma-keyed and broadcast simultaneously in different part of the
gallery, embodying the split identity of the object of perception and
its source. Systems of
viewing are fluid and chameleon--puzzles to be solved collectively.

"BFFA3AE are standing at the east end of a road before a small brick building.
Around them is a forest. A small stream flows out of the building and runs
south, down a gully. A wide path leads northwest."
--BFFA3AE (Micaela Durand, Daniel Chew, Matthew Gaffney, and Maximiliano Ferro)

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