Its About Time, My Generation - Stewart Uoo (Collective Show)
Thursday - Septemeber 23rd - 7:30 at Participant, NY

1st Part: Aaron starts playing Mad World song from Donnie Darko on his keyboard.

2nd Part: Stewart and Cassie set up 10ft+ A frame ladder front and center. Cassie climbs ladder till the top until legs are on each side of the ladder. Stewart gets fan, bucket, and extra large bubble wand and stand under the ladder and continues with making mammoth size bubbles.

3rd Part: Cassie starts to sing the Mad World Song atop the A frame ladder dressed like a mainstream alt-goth. Rian starts taking photos with digital camera of the performance thus far.

4th Part: During the song Rian uploads the the images and prints them in black and white, takes the prints and goes outside, where Laura is awaiting in a parked car directly outside the gallery's doors.

5th Part: Laura Honks three times and Rian places the prints on the ground face up creating a trail up to the Ladder/Cassie in the gallery.

6th Part: Laura walks along the trail toward the ladder tossing Luna bars to the audience aside. During this time Stewart stops making bubbles and hands Cassie a paper shredder atop the ladder.

7th Part: Following behind Laura, Rian collects all the documentary print outs and hands them to Cassie atop the ladder where she then shreds all the papers into black plastic bag .

The End