Josh Kline and Anicka Yi: Loveless Marriages
April 9 - May 3

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Artforum Critics' Picks - April 20, 2010

179 Canal presents a two person exhibition featuring new installations by
artists Anicka Yi and Josh Kline, the principal members of New York-based
art collective, Circular File. For this project they are temporarily calling
it splits and producing separate solo projects. Korea, Jerusalem,
California, Manhattan--now 179 Canal Street’s second floor will be divided
20th Century style. On one side of the Chinatown DMZ: South Korea/Southern
California, on the other: Northern California/Duane Reade. This is not a
collaboration. Everyone’s invited!

In 2009, Circular File was commissioned by PERFORMA to produce a three
episode cable access TV show for the PERFORMA09 Biennial. If you haven't
seen it yet: or

Anicka Yi and Josh Kline live and work in New York City.