daily and ongoing

Based on the idea of summer VACATION, BFFA3AE will program the 179 Canal website to reflect the discovery and unraveling of this season.  Summer is an aberration in our year, a time where heat takes over our lives and a productive diligence is thrown to the wayside.  An absence assumes our lives (absence from work, school, life) and instead we live in the ideal and fantasy of what Summer becomes.  We anticipate this time of year with a child like earnestness and we willfully throw ourselves into a haze, from which we slowly find our way back into reality.

An image will be presented as the front page of the website of 179 Canal.  Every day a new image will be uploaded to the main page, a slight alteration done to the image of the day before.  Slowly, the image becomes more and more abstract, until the end of summer VACATION when only a blur remains, ushering us on to the next season of Fall.


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