Debo Eilers and Kerstin Brätsch: KAYA
February 13 - March 7

Opening reception and performance: Saturday, February 13 - 7-9pm


Tertium datur, or the third something:
It adds nothing.

as politics: escape - exit, a defection. letʼs get out of here!

no no this, no no that. neither action nor reaction, Tertium datur is a kind of
passage or a threshold.

a peripheral scene which liberates order itself.

the experience of exteriority as non-thingness; the deferral to a scene whereby
the form of thought is articulated in advance.

ain't no cynic! Tertium datur is less than passive.
is it method? nope

Disobedient. not-a-voice. give it away! the experience of being within the other
inside yourself.

“i donʼt know what it is, but i love what it did.”
it adds nothing.

Kaya (Japanese musician), a Japanese singer

Kaya, a Sylheti Bengali singer (main vocals of Habib Wahid albums)

Kaya, a Norwegian singer/songwriter based in Liverpool, UK

Kaya (album), by Bob Marley and the Wailers, 1978

Kaya creator of the Seggae music genre.

Kaya Dair, a popular video journalist for Metal Monthly and Evil Threads.

Kaya Kizaki, author of D.Gray-man light novel

Kaya (tree), Torreya nucifera, or Japanese Nutmeg tree

Kaya can also refer to cannabis in a spiritual or enlightening sense.

Kaya (programming language), an imperative scripting language being developed by
the Durham University Computing Society

Kaya, Sudan, a town in Sudan

Kaya (One Piece), a fictional character in the anime and manga One Piece

Kaya (Princess Mononoke), a character from the anime movie Princess Mononoke.

--- Jason Loebs