Tova Carlin
Opening Reception January, 29 - 7-9pm - performances to follow


Tova Carlin will occupy 179 Canal by wallpapering sections of the space and inviting artists to perform against/with this backdrop.  This wallpaper, an arena for consideration of the securities that delineate daily experience, is photocopied from patterns on the interior of bank envelopes. (Download Wallpaper Patterns - 1 - 2 - 3)

Throughout her occupancy, various informal/formal performances will take place, with this wallpaper as the backdrop. 

BFFA3AE: Loving Shapes and Colors on January 17 - 6pm & 7pm

Luke Stettner in collaboration with Cameron Hull and Derek Maxwell: O dark, dark, dark - February 2 - 8pm

Xeno and Oaklander will perform on February 4 - 9pm. 

Events and performances are spontaneous at times, so please check back for updates.